Hello, writer!

My name is Eva-Joy Schönhaar. I’m a Canadian-based editor who has a passion for creating stories, editing stories, and the Oxford Comma. (Not to mention cats and coffee!)

For the past several years I edited my own books and beta read for several different writer friends and acquaintances (beta reading is similar to editing, but less formal–and usually free). However, it wasn’t until I edited two full-length manuscripts for an acquaintance of mine that I knew I wanted to become a freelance editor.

My dream would be to work with authors who are going the self-publishing route. This doesn’t mean that I’ll turn your book down if you’re planning to publish the traditional way! But I’ve read dozens of good self-published books that would have been even better with more editing.

Each self-published book needs to be as polished as possible because it’s the product that you are putting out into the world. There won’t be all the quality control that you’d find at one of the ‘Big Five’ publishers. You alone have final say on how good your book will be before you publish it…so it’s important to get each word right. That’s why I’m proud to offer my line editing services, no matter what stage of the writing/publishing journey you’re at.

If you think that I could be the right editor for your book, why not request a sample edit today? I’m excited to see what you’ve written!