What happens after I submit my manuscript to you?

Once you send me your manuscript via this form, I will be in touch within one to two business days (I will be sure to post a notice if I go on vacation or have something important come up that would keep me from responding promptly).

I will send you an invoice for one-third of the necessary payment, which will need to be paid before I begin editing your manuscript. Once I’ve received payment, I’ll begin editing your book at once. When I’ve edited the first three chapters, I will send them to you to make sure that we’re on the same page (no pun intended). If you’re satisfied with the job I’ve done, I’ll continue editing your novel all the way to the end.

I will also send you short email updates every one or two weeks to let you know how far I’ve progressed in edits. (I know how frustrating it can be to wait weeks and weeks for any communication!)

When I’ve finished editing your book, I’ll email you my edits (as detailed here) and send you an invoice for the remaining two-thirds payment. And even after I’ve completed the work/have been paid, my email will still be open for any questions or concerns you might have. (Or if you want me to edit your next book–totally available for that as well! *wink*)

What are the options for payment?

Currently, I only accept payments through PayPal. PayPal has a great currency exchange feature, which should make things a little easier for my American clients. (Who will also get an automatic discount because my prices are in CAD instead of USD.)

When will you finish editing my book?

This really depends on the length of your book, as well as how much editing it needs. Once I’ve received and read over your manuscript, I can give you an estimate of how long edits will take. And if you’re working with a deadline, I’d be happy to accommodate that if at all possible.

Are there any genres you won’t accept for editing?

Yes. I won’t accept erotica or horror. I also reserve the right to refuse editing services at my discretion.

What if I’ve already published my book, but I think it needs more editing?

If your book has been published traditionally, then there may be little you can do about any typos or mistakes you find later on (I think it depends on the publisher and what they’re willing/able to do).

However, if you self-published your book, then there is no limit to the amount of editing you can do (though I wouldn’t advise making drastic changes unless absolutely necessary). If your self-published book clearly needs polishing, then you can un-publish it for a short time during edits…and then put it right back on the market!

Are you a proofreader?

Sadly, no. While I will certainly keep an eye out for spelling and grammatical errors as I edit your book, I can’t guarantee I’ll catch them all. I recommend hiring a professional proofreader, or at least letting several different people read your book while looking for typos (you’d be surprised how quickly someone with fresh eyes can point out rather obvious mistakes).

Do I have to apply all of your suggested edits to my manuscript?

Definitely not! You are the author and, as such, you have final say in every matter related to your book (unless you go with traditional publishing 😉). You don’t have to take any of my suggestions unless you believe it’s the right option for your story.