From pointing out the thirtieth use of ‘literally’ to fixing that run-on sentence, I’ve got you covered!

Line editing can take your novel’s prose from ‘pretty good’ to ‘professional’. Think of line editing as polishing a diamond: the value is already there, I’m just making sure everyone notices. This type of edit works best for novels that have already gone through developmental editing to take care of larger issues in the story.

What is involved in line editing?

  • Once I receive your manuscript, I’ll quickly read through it to make sure that I understand the story, tone, and mood that you’re trying to convey.
  • Next, I’ll go through each line of your book, scanning for clunky sentence structure, an over-abundance of adverbs, too many dialogue tags, and anything else that might interfere with the reader’s experience.
  • Each time I spot something that I think could benefit from a change, I’ll leave a comment in the document with my suggested change + the reason for it (often).
  • If an issue consistently crops up, such as a weak verb always being modified with an adverb, I’ll point that out a few times and then leave a note with tips for rooting out the problem on your own. However, that will only be a last resort–I will point out each instance if at all possible.
  • When I’ve finished going through your book, I’ll send it back to you with all my comments and a short letter of explanation and encouragement.
  • I will also remain available via email for any questions you might have.

Price: $.03 CAD/word

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